El Rodeo II, Venezuela

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This site has been created to bring awareness to the conditions that the Venezuelan Government is making our foreigners live in, in El Rodeo II.

Also to bring awareness to the way they are cruelly being treated 

I am asking for everyone's help to bring awareness to help protect and better their living conditions. Please add your testimonies on this site and contact your Embassies, Country Officials and news reporters asking them to shine a light on El Rodeo II and demand changes.

Please remember to check out our news link for up to date info on what is going on in El Rodeo II. 

UPDATE : A new Director has been appointed to Rodeo II because Julio and Carlos have been transferred to other prisons due to cruel treatment of the inmates in Rodeo II. The new regional director in charge is now Nelson Cubian the new Rodeo II director is Liberto Leon and the new sub director is Jose Granado. We hope with new people in charge better things will happen for our men. 

About Us

The day our lives changed, I'm sure started like many of yours. I was contacted by my husband in December, 2012 by phone saying they just told him he was being transferred,  didn't know where and he wasn't sure when. I received a call 2 hours later stating he had been transferred already to somewhere in Caracas.  Now I don't know about you but I had heard plenty stories of Caracas prisons and was scared to death of where he might be going and what was going to happen when he arrived.  I didn't hear from him for almost a week. The Embassy informed me that he had been  transferred for their protection it was going to be a foreigner prison only. 

From day one of speaking to my husband we had realized our thoughts of safety were short lived.  When they arrived there the guards stole all of their personal belongings that they brought with them, money and all.  The guards have beaten them for trying to call their  embassies for help. Bags have been put over their  heads  thrown them to the ground and beat them with their riffles and ak's. Jumped on them and even kicked them till they were black and blue. 

Lets just say the prison was not ready for inmates yet but decided to bring them early anyways. They weren't supplied with the proper amounts of supplies and food. The inmates lost weight immediately due to the shortage of food. They had no working bathrooms, not enough mattresses to sleep on and the list goes on. As the time went on the conditions started improving and the beatings slowed down. We were starting to think the transfer was finally for the better. They were being fed, supplied with certain essentials, no drugs, no weapons and most important no prawn to dictate. Well like most things in there that was short lived. Shortly after things were finally going well they started to bring in Venezuelan inmates by the bus loads. Not just Venezuelans but hard core murderers and  inmates looking to take over the prison and become " The Boss". 

Shortly after their arrival to Rodeo II the Venezuelan inmates have caused several riots. Taking American and other foreign inmates hostage and setting the prison buildings on fire with all foreigners inside. Every time this happens not only are they in fear of their lives but when it is over they have had all their stuff stolen or burned in the fires. Every time their is a riot the guards answer is to shoot everyone in site with rubber bullets. The guards guns are equipped with so many rubber bullets and at the end 2 live ammunition. Which on a few occasions have been fired also. Luckily no one has been hit yet by the live ammunition. 

Prison director Julio Caesar Perez refuses to remove the Venezuelan inmates, to segregate them by class of violence or to stop the riots. All the American and foreign inmates have begged for help and their protection and have yet to receive any.  Venezuelan prison spokes person for foreign inmates Carlos Milan also refuses to help or protect them. 

Foreign Inmates Denied Equal Rites

All foreign inmates are denied the same rites as the Venezuelan inmates have. As we know Venezuela is known for their outrages prisons. They're not asking for or expect to have parties, animals, sleep overs or any of the outrages things that go on in other prisons. They are however asking for some of the allowable things. Rodeo II foreigners are not allowed to have men or children visitors for their family visits. Every visit they have they have to watch the other 2 prisons right by them get to see their kids and brothers or father. While they are not allowed the same. They are not mp3's while everyday they have to hear the other prisons play not only mp3's but full stereo systems. They are not allowed to have food brought to them other than on visit days and it all leaves with the visitor while the other prisons are allowed to have as much food brought to them as they want. 

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